Thunder Bay Letter Shop Services Inc is Thunder Bay’s premier mailing house, specializing in all aspects of the preparation of mailings.

We have been providing mailing solutions for local and regional customers since 1994. We can look after your mailing requirements to Canadian, U.S. and International points of call. Thunder Bay Letter Shop serves customers with mailings as small as 500 pieces to as many as 100,000 or more.

It is important to consult a mailing house such as Thunder Bay Letter Shop while in the planning stages of a direct mail program. Canada Post can have certain requirements in certain classes of mail. If you are aware of these ahead of time while in the design stage, you can save yourself considerable time and cost. At the same time you want to take advantage of as much opportunity on your mailing piece for your creative especially on promotional mailings.

The key to bulk mailing is saving on postage costs. This is achieved by the sorting of the addresses on your mailing piece. Most mailing houses have specialized addressing software that actually sorts the mailing list into postal walks as mailing pieces are being addressed. This sorting, either LCP (Letter Carrier Pre-sort) qualifies the mailing for a reduced rate as low as about 32 cents each.